Stop playing whac-a-mole.

Go on the offensive with scammer identification.

Stop waiting for an attack and get ahead of the attacker with Honey Tokens and Scammer Intelligence.

Zero Day Phishing Detection APIs

Automated Honey Tokens and Scammer Intelligence

Our AI-based phishing and scam detection system proactively detects scam sites and then submits false credentials. When a scammer tries to use these credentials, you'll be able to track and block their IP address.

Deep Learning Algorithm

Honey Tokens

By identifying scammer IP addresses that use our honey tokens (false credentials), you can flag the attackers without them knowing it.

computer vision

Full Automation

RedMarlin automatically detects scams sites and stuffs their phishing forms with no manual effort. Once you integrate our API and honey token list, detection of scammers becomes just as automated.

Multi category detection

Scammer Intelligence

Scammers often reuse phishing kits, drop emails, and site hosting infrastructure. We'll provide you with scammer intelligence, so that you can proactively associate and mitigate attacks.

threat intelligence


Security Operations and Threat Response are often purely reactive. Take control and go on the offensive.