1 min read | Author: Abhilash Garimella

Insights Page

Insight page displays deatiled information of a scanned webapge. Below is the screenshot of a sample Dropbox phishing page.

The insights page has 4 tabs, namely:

  • Scanning Results
  • Passive DNS
  • Map
  • Whois Information

Scanning Results

Clicking on Insights will lead you to the Scanning Results page. Screenshot of the webpage will be to the right and, basic information regarding the webpage (URL, Disposition, IP, Brand, etc.) can be found on the left. On the bottom, you can find the Domain Phish Count, number of phish observed by Checkphish on this domain, IP Phish Count, number of phish observed by Checkphish on a particular IP address.

If you are our Brand Protection Customer, you get an option an report the page (send a takedown notification) and cPanel infomration on the left hand corner.

Other Tabs

The Passive DNS tab displays all the domains hosted on that particular IP address.

MAP tab points the geographical location of the IP address.

Whois Information tab displays whois records for the domain and IP address.