1 min read | Author: Abhilash Garimella

Dispute Verdict

Whether you submit a link to Checkphish.ai or we scan a URL from one of our sources, our decision engine assigns it a disposition. Below are a few of the most common dispositions you would observe

  • Clean: The website does host phishing content
  • Suspicious: The website does not host any 'active' phishing content
  • Phish: The website hosts phishing content
Dispute Verdict option can be used to suggest a change to the predicted disposition. Follow these steps to dispute a verdict.
  • After you submit a link, you should see a verdict as below.
  • Click on the Dispute Verdict button. This will lead you to a submit feedback page.
  • Choose the appropriate disposition from the available list and click submit.

If you are our Brand Protection Customer, you will find the Dispute Verdict option after clicking on the Insights of a feed/ webpage you want to change the disposition for.