1 min read | Author: Abhilash Garimella

Brand Protection Customer Dashboard

How to Login?

  1. Go to Checkphish. You should see the page below.
  2. Enter your Email Address and Password.
  3. After you login, you should be able to see a dashboard similar to the below

Dashboard Basics

  • Panel on the left, lets you switch between the available features.
    • Feeds: Lets you search for your brand's phishing pages. The search results could be altered based on time-period, disposition, and other options.
    • Bulk Scan: Lets you scan multiple links at a time. Provide each link as a separate link and click on 'Submit'. Below is an example submission
    • Assets: Lets you check all the assets (URLs) belonging to your brand.
    • Scan History: Here, you can see all the links that have been scanned by you, along with screenshots of websites and disposition.

  • Bar chart on the top of the page gives you an overview of the number of counterfiet and suspicious websites flagged, monitored and takendown in the last week. The bar chart gives insights into the number of websites flagged per day
  • Bar chart on the bottom right of the page gives you a breakdown of the number of phishing/ counterfiet pages being hosted per network owner.
  • List on the bottom left of the page displays most recent supicious hosts scanned.