Brand Monitoring & Protection

Brand Monitoring & Protection

Your brand’s online reputation is paramount for your business. Protect it from threats such as phishing, online counterfeiting and various scams. RedMarlin’s comprehensive solution lets your organization detect and mitigate these threats across digital channels such as websites, email and social media. With state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology, it can take down threats within seconds of detection without the need for any manual intervention.

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Brand Monitoring & Protection

Get deep insights

Our AI engine collects detailed evidence such as screenshots, hosting infrastructure, website lifecycle and more, to fully automate the takedown process.

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Get alerts on compromised credentials of your customers

Get invaluable information about kit authors, drop emails, stolen credentials, server logs and more with our automated reports.

We defend your brand's good name on the internet

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Our AI powered solution learns proactively and starts monitoring your brand even before bad actors start targeting it.

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We provide zero-day detection on phishing and counterfeit websites targeting your brand. This means we detect such websites in seconds, not days or weeks like other blacklist based solutions.

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We send takedown notifications automatically, as soon as our engine detects counterfeit and phishing websites.

We also have partnerships with various registries to provide API based, fully-automated takedowns.

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We protect your customers by reporting all bad websites to global blacklists. These are picked up by leading browsers, email providers, enterprise security teams, and others fighting to protect end users.

Peace of mind, at scale.

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Whether it's answering your queries on specific cases or escalating cases with network owners, our experienced specialists bring unparalleled support, so you can focus on your core business.